Vaping In Kelowna

Chilly days, Awesome deals! January 04, 2017 11:02

It sure is cold outside these days, warm up at Blue Vapes and take advantage of the awesome deals we have happening right now. We have a large selection of hardware that we still have our boxing day sales on. Looking to trade up? Now is an awesome time to get the most for your used hardware. Put it towards a device that is massively on sale and you walk away a winner!

Food Bank Challenge October 01, 2016 10:28

Another wonderful day in the vaperhood! At Blue Vapes, and some other vape shops in the Okanagan, we are doing a food bank challenge to help support our community! Come on into the shop and drop off a non-perishable food item and/or a money donation and help keep those in need fed! If you come by Blue Vapes you can play our coin drop for a chance to win some Blue Vapes E-liquids! Moneys from the coin drop will be donated to the food bank. Its a great way to give back and maybe get something for yourself! Its always a great day to switch 2 blue for an awesome vape experience! We still have some amazing deals, up to 50% off on a ton of products! Download the Blue Vapes app and get free stuff when you shop at Blue Vapes! #whatareyoupuffin

Local artist to do some work at Blue Vapes! September 23, 2016 11:11

It is another great day here at Blue Vapes! We are always looking for a new way to give our customers an awesome experience in our shop. Aside from all the deals and free stuff we have right now, we are having local artist Marly Jean aka Meandering Mars coming into the shop next week to do some artwork on our massive chalk board to tantalize your senses when you come visit us! Make sure you make it into the shop next week to check it out! Its always a great day at Blue Vapes in West Kelowna.

Awesome new stuff has landed! September 16, 2016 10:40

Well we just had another shipment of really cool stuff come into the shop! We have the Hot Cig R150 device on our shelves, its has a waterproof board! It certainly comes in handy if over dripping is your game. You would not believe how many times we have had devices come in that are fried due to over dripping. This sort of thing should become a standard in all devices, but until then the Hot Cig is certainly ahead of the game. Also have these awesome iPowers here. These bad boys are 80watts with a 5000mah battery that you internally charge. It doesn't get much better than that for ease of use and battery life. 5000mah is ridiculously good! The Therion is also a wonderful addition here at Blue Vapes in West Kelowna! A beautiful leather covers about 40% of the device and it has a nice wood inlay. To top it off it has aircraft grade stainless steel through and through. Its an absolutely gorgeous thing to look at and hold in your hands! Vaping has never looked so good! Switch 2 Blue for an awesome vaping experience! Prices here are lower than other shops because of our location, a little hard to find but a hidden gem for sure. We are able to pass the savings on to you because of it. You wont be disappointed on your visit to Blue Vapes.

University/College Days! September 10, 2016 11:13

A chilly Saturday morning here in West Kelowna, but we are vaping the day away! Come see us as today is our first day of 50% Blue Vapes e liquid for showing your post secondary school ID. Next one will be the last Saturday of the month. Come on in every 2nd and last Saturday of every month to take advantage of this special! We have 21 flavors, so we have something for everyone. Vaping in Kelowna never tasted so good! Switch 2 Blue Vapes for a superior vaping experience! We have a large selection of hardware on sale right now too! Up to 50% off tanks, RDAs and devices! You cant lose! See you soon!

Kelowna Deals! September 07, 2016 11:49

Well its a beautiful day in the Okanagan again today. A perfect day for a vape. If you need a new set up, there is no better time than now to pick one up at Blue Vapes in West Kelowna! We got deals coming out of our mods here! We have about 60% of our RDAs on sale for HALF price right now and a big selection of tanks marked down crazy low as well! We have a bunch of devices on sale like the Sigelei T150 touch screen, how cool! If you want a different selection than the other guys, come see us. If you heard about anything vape related and you cant find it anywhere, come see us and we will special order it for you! Its always a great day to switch 2 Blue Vapes!



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