Frequently Asked Questions

Where do our house blend liquids come from?

All of Blue Vapes brand Liquids are made in house with the utmost scrutiny in cleanliness and accuracy in mind. Every bottle has a batch number and BOD (Bottles on date) for our reference and yours. All of our liquids are made from Vape specific materials and are all USP Kosher certified and pharmaceutical grade only. Never oil based and always made with care with strict policies to provide the best liquid around.

Battery safety?

This is one subject we do not take lightly and would love to have a one on one conversation about ohm's law and limitations please do your research and ask questions before getting yourself in any hot water!! There is so much to consider.

Does Blue Vapes sell Clones?

We try and provide a vast selection for everyone and try and fit their vape budget. So in short if it is something that is made by Kanger, Innokin, Aspire, SMOK, Freemax or any of the other major manufacturers we guarantee they are Authentic. If you are looking for high end authentic's we do have some in store and many different channels for special orders don't be afraid to ask. If the price looks too good to be true it's likely a clone. For the most part our RDA's are the highest quality knock off's you can find. The price will likely depict the origin of the product. Please don't hesitate to ask. I know this is a subject many feel strongly about and we are always as honest as possible. It's a lot like Liquids your taste is subjective to you and you alone!!

Why are Blue Vapes prices different in Store than on line?

Simple because we offer a 10% off just for shopping online.
You have to pay shipping and handling so we thought we would give you a small price break.



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